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There may be instances where you have concerns regarding the upkeep or possible hazards in the estate and would like action to be taken without you having to speak directly to the offender. This Smart Phone Application ‘Snap Send Solve’ is hear to assist you. Snap Send Solve allows you to easily capture and report on common issues including Litter, Hard waste, Parking, Street Cleaning, Trees, Noise, Hazards and also provide a general request or general feedback. Snap Send Solve determines your council using your Smartphone’s GPS location. Once your GPS location has been determined the server sends back all relevant council details, including contact information, location, and email contact. All reports from Snap Send Solve are sent from the app using your email address so that the council can communicate directly with you to fix the issue. To go to the Snap Send Solve Website to download the application Click Here

Fencing Guidelines are detailed in the Design Guidelines. You need to Obtain property ownership details for the purpose of building a fence through the Wyndham City Council. Further details are available for the Wyndham Council please Click Here

Household garbage is collected in Saltwater Coast every Monday (including public holidays). Place your yellow-top bin at the kerb on Sunday evening as collection commences around 6.00am. Recycled material is collected on alternate Mondays, in the blue-top bin. The use of a green-top bin for garden waste is optional at an annual fee. The green bins are collected on alternate Mondays, alternating with the blue bins. It is part of the Estate Guidelines that all bins be returned to your property and stored out of general view by the end of the Garbage Collection day. More details on waste disposal services are at: garbage collection Wyndham City Council provides a hard and green waste collection service for bulk items, with details at: hard waste collection.

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The Lifestyle Centre is open for residents’ access 5am – 10pm, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.