Snake Information November 2015

Snakes are a common occurrence in Wyndham with Tiger Snakes and Eastern Browns being most common.

While there is no sure way of completely preventing snakes from moving on to your property, there are things you can do to reduce the likeliehood:

  • Keep your yards clean, snakes don’t like to be in the open and will seek refuge.
  • Remove litter, piles of wood, tin and tiles near your house and keep grass/vegetation short.
  • Keep bird cages free of spilled seed which will attract mice. 
  • Ensure there are no gaps in or under your fences.
  • (When you are in your garden wear appropriate shoes when working in your garden and look before you reach into the garden).

Snakes on Public Land

  • If you see a snake in the park or on public land, keep right away from it. Snakes do not want to be around humans, they will do their best to get away from you.
  • Snakes will not attack or strike unless they feel threatened. DO NOT poke or try to catch them yourself.
  • Snake catchers will not come out to catch a snake unless it is on private property.
  • Ensure that dogs are kept on leads and you stick to pathways when out walking.

If you find a snake on your property

  • Watch it from a safe distance and do not touch it.
  • Safely remove any pets from the area where the snake is.
  • If the snake is visible, a qualified snake catcher from Wyndham City can attend and remove the snake. 
    • This service is free of charge and can be accessed by calling 9742 0777.

Snake Bites

  • Most importantly, if you have been bitten ring 000 immediately to seek assistance and advice.
    • Anyone bitten by a snake should stay calm, and as still as possible. A pressure bandage or clothing or towels torn into strips should be immediately applied to the bite area.
    • Advice on snakebite is available from the Poisons Information Centre 24 hours a day on 13 11 26.
  • If you think you dog or cat may have been bitten by a snake, seek immediate Vet assistance.
    • Some symptoms are, vomiting, excess salivation, incoherence and or stumbling (but not limited to)

If the snake is no longer able to be seen the resident will need to contact a professional snake catcher who can search for the snake. 

Links and Contacts

Wyndham Council Snake Catcher: 03 9742 0777  (Service is free of charge, snake must be visible)

Point Cook Snake Relocations (Licence# 14090472-CX): Matt @ 0425 777 938

Victorian Reptiles Snake Removal & Relocations: Adam @ 0439 845 429 / 1300 737 845

Wyndham Council Page Regarding Snakes

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