Saltwater Coast have adopted Design Guidelines & Owners Corporation Rules which cover all facets of the estate from construction of a dwelling to landscaping and maintenance of a property.  These guidelines and rules exist to ensure the consistent high quality design and presentation, achieving optimum style and image for the community.

It is the responsibility of the Owners Corporation, in conjunction with the Design Review Committee and Lifestyle Centre Managment, to assess and ensure that these standards are being maintained by all residents in the estate.

Estate staff will perform inspections on all properties and issue notices advising occupiers of non-compliances with these guidelines and rules. It is the owners responsibility to ensure that the requirements of the guidelines and rules are met in the timelines stipulated.

To assist everyone in understanding their responsibilities below are links to the Design Guideline & Owners Corporation Rules documents and the associated flowcharts detailing the handling of a non-compliance.

If you have any particular areas of concern you are encouraged to email the Lifestyle Centre Manager so the item can be reviewed: Contact Us

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