Stage 1: Contact the Owners Corporation Committee or Lifestyle Centre

If you have a suggestion, feedback, a problem or even just a query that you would like to bring to the attention of the Owners Corporation Committee or the Lifestyle Centre Manager, please click the link below and complete the webform. The message will be directed accordingly.

Click here to contact us 

Stage 2: Saltwater Coast Owners Corporation complaints process

Saltwater Coast Owners Corporation has a process to help owners and residents deal with grievances.

Welfare and Safety

You should notify the owner’s corporation manager of concerns about the welfare and safety of people and any safety issues you see at the Life Style Centre.

Disputes with neighbours

Before lodging a complaint tell the other person about your concern. Simply talking to your neighbour about the issue may lead to a solution.

While communication is often the best way to prevent disputes and we encourage neighbours to talk about their concerns to resolve disputes we understand this is not always possible. If your issue can not be resolved please following the process below to lodge a formal complaint.

Disputes with the Owners Corporation, Committee or Owners Corporation Manager

Before lodging a complaint we do ask that you make every attempt to resolve your issue directly with the Owners Corporation Manager. Please be prepared to explain in full your issue in a claim manner and do not assume that they already know your situation. Many complaints or disputes start as misunderstandings and the person you are contacting may not be aware of the issue.

We do understand there may be times your issue may not be resolved. If you have any concerns that you have been unable to resolve directly with the Owners Corporation Manager you can:

  • Contact the committee or chairperson and clarify the manager’s duties and responsibilities in the contract of appointment. The contract may also set out a process for complaints with the manager.
  • Make a written complaint to the owners corporation or committee. Saltwater Coast Owners Corporation has a process for dealing with grievances.

Making a formal complaint

Complaints to the owner’s corporation relating to an alleged breach of the Owners Corporation Act 2006, the Regulations or rules by a lot owner, an occupier or a manager must be made in writing to the owner’s corporation manager in the approved owners corporation complaints form before any action can be taken.

To download a copy of the Saltwater Complaints Form Click Here

The form includes the address and contact details for the Owners Corporation Manager

If you require assistance completing the form please contact the owners corporation manager


Lifestyle Centre Team

If you have any questions regarding use of the Lifestyle Centre, please get in touch with our Team members.
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