There are three components that make up the Estate Management group.

Owners Corporation Committee - consisting of the elected members of the Owners Corporation.
Owners Corporation Management - which is an externally contracted professional estate management business.
Lifestyle Centre Management - directly employed to manage day to day running of the Lifestyle Centre

The Owners Corporation Committee is a group of up to 12 Owners Corporation Members, elected at the annual general meeting (AGM), who meet at regular intervals to oversee the management of the common property including the Life Style Centre. The AGM is normally held in late December.

We encourage all Owners Corporation members to attend the AGM and nominate if they wish to become part of the Owners Committee. All owners and residents can contact the Committee through this website


It is the duty of the Owners Corporation Manager to ensure all areas and facilities of the Owners Corporation are maintained and in a serviceable state, undertaking all relative administration tasks, including obtaining comparative quotations for repair works and/or capital works as necessary.

Responsibilities of the Owners Corporation are identified as those relating to "common area(s) and property", (i.e.: land and facilities that are not on title to any one particular owner; eg: main entrance to City Bay Drive, the Lifestyle Centre including: communal spa; swimming pools; tennis courts; gym; café; sales office and the Function Centre.

Maintenance of facilities extends also to the common area chattels, fixtures and fittings; ensuring attention is given to lifts, fire escapes, and all Essential Service apparatus.

The overall appearance of the Life Style Centre is also of the upmost importance and subsequently, the Owners Corporation is authorised to govern any issues related to the exterior facade of the building. The insurance cover placed on the building is also the responsibility of the Owners Corporation; therefore requiring its Manager to ensure the appropriate building reinstatement policy is maintained. The Owners Corporation Committee also arranges and manages the leasing of common property eg: café and sales office.

The Owners Corporation Committee sets the Contribution Fees and regulates the payment times. The Owners Corporation Manager therefore issues corresponding invoices to individual Owners, to ensure the financial commitments of the Owners Corporation are met. Where required, the Owners Corporation Committee will calculate and distribute invoices for Special Levies/Sinking Funds to cover costs incurred over and above general maintenance items.

Common Areas accounts, as received from Contractors and services providers, are paid on a monthly basis. The Owners Corporation Management maintains accounting ledgers of all transactions.

The Manager on behalf of the Owners Corporation convenes an Annual General Meeting of all Owners, however throughout the year, meetings may be convened to discuss and/or resolve any issues of concern. Minutes of such meetings are prepared and are available to all owners for their information.

In general terms, the Owners Corporation, manages and administers works on the Common Property areas and enforces the related Rules, Regulations and By-Laws. Your Committee also aims to be a hub for the owners and residents of the estate; to resolve or assist in providing answers for any concerns or queries.